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Welcome to the world of Aquatic Plants. Black Bear Nursery sells one of the widest selections of aquatic plants in North America. Aquatics are plants that have adapted to living in still waters or slow moving water, such as a pond. Frequently stocked with koi fish or frogs, a living, breathing pond is a self-contained eco-system that takes care of itself through the four season.

To build a complete pond, we offer each of the major categories of plants found in the key roles of keep a pond healthy and functional: floaters, toppers, oxygenators, marginals although with deocrative plants that enhance the beauty. 

We specialize in working with horticultural professionals in the trade, both garden centers and landscapers. Please note that we are wholesale only, and we cannot sell directly to consumers.

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black bear iconBlack Bear Nursery features one of the largest selections of Aquatic Plants in North America today.


Aquatic Table

Build your summer business by featuring an Aquatic Table in the spring. Showcase beautiful water lilies up close.

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